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It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to this newly updated website of the Embassy of the Republic of Kenya in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with multiple accreditations to Iraq and Yemen. The website contains a wide range of important and relevant information that are useful to our readers. It also has, among other things the core functions and services of the Embassy as well as trade and investment opportunities available in Kenya.

It is with great pride indeed to point out here that traditionally Kenya and Saudi Arabia have had strong socio-economic and cultural ties that can be traced back to centuries ago due to vibrant trade between East Africa and the Arab world. This has contributed immensely to the economies of both countries which have further cemented their relations through bilateral cooperation on trade, investments, infrastructure development, technical cooperation, security cooperation etc. The Kingdom has also over the years extended a helping hand in supporting some key development projects in Kenya which has improved the lives of millions of Kenyans. It is in this regard that I wish to express my gratitude and appreciation to the Kingdom for its generosity and hope that such partnership will be fostered in the years to come.

Our foreign policy orientation lays emphasis on economic interests which are hinged on promoting trade and investment with the host country. Increasing the level of economic cooperation with Saudi Arabia therefore becomes an important priority for us. The Embassy is honored to reach out to Saudi business community and enhance the scope of our trade and investment thus helping increase the trade volume, which is now heading for seven hundred million US Dollars. Key sectors that define Kenya's investment landscape include coffee, tea, horticulture, real estate, construction, mining, and services sector such as banking and finance, hospitality industry, ICT, education, healthcare, etc

Kenya's geostrategic location has made it the economic hub of Eastern Africa and gateway to six landlocked countries with a total population of over 300 million. It also has a democratically elected government that is guided by a strong constitution and rule of law and more importantly it is peaceful, secure with adequate infrastructure and good communication network. Above all, it has a vibrant private sector, as well as educated manpower and friendly people. This has led to Kenya's recognition in the global arena as a highly attractive investment destination and a host to many international organisations. The country is in a strong position to maintain its significant role in regional trade, investment, infrastructure development and general economic co-operation for the region. It is in this regard that I take this opportunity to invite the Saudi business fraternity to tap into the immense potential and a highly conducive business environment that Kenya has to offer.

I also wish to highlight for our esteemed readers that Kenya is blessed with abundant natural resources and moderate climatic conditions throughout the year. The country is recognized as one of the world's leading tourist destinations with abundant wildlife and pristine beaches. It is the home to the world famous wildebeest migration which has been declared one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World. The national parks and beaches in Kenya are dotted with high quality hospitality services from world class hotels. One cannot also miss out mentioning that in the field of sports, Kenyans have done their motherland very proud particularly in athletics.

Kenya's strategic interests also lie in peace, stability, security, and prosperity in its neighborhood and beyond. The Government of Kenya considers Saudi Arabia as a valuable partner which is committed towards fostering global peace and security. We, the members of the Kenyan diplomatic mission in Riyadh, take even more pleasure as we continue to contribute to this noble process with the Government of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is home to around hundred thousand Kenyans currently living in various cities across the country. Most of them work as bankers, doctors, nurses, engineers, administrators, academicians, casual laborers, domestic workers and some as students. Additionally, thousands of Kenyan citizens visit this country each year to perform Haj or Umrah. As part of Diaspora diplomacy, it is among our focal areas to ensure adequate consular support and advise is availed to our citizens here in Saudi Arabia. I therefore invite all Kenyans living in the Kingdom to endeavor to register with the Embassy for efficient service delivery and general outreach.

Finally, it is my sincere hope that you will find the content of the website useful and that your views and suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Thank you and May God bless you all


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